Are you aware of the various options that you have with regards to the backgrounds that you can put up as the theme of your phone? Have you ever thought about the impact that a simple background can have on your personality and your mood? This is not something that people tend to think much about. People do not think that this is a point worth considering. They are of the opinion that it is not something that deserves attention. However there is a lot that you do not know about the impact and effects of the background that you use in your phone.

For one, let us first talk about breaking the streak of monotony. Change is the factor that brings about a certain level of excitement in life, which paves way for new ideas. Thus making room for new and interesting prospects. One should never allow himself to slip into a certain pattern, to let routine take the best of them. Change is something that ought to be a part of your life in every walk and in every aspect.

Embrace change and implement it on your iPhone screens

Change is like a breath of fresh air. When you ensure that the sight that meets your eye when you unlock the screen of your phone is something different, you would be pleased and would pay attention to it instead of rushing by it without giving it a second thought and swiping the screen to get to the app or function that you require. If you make use of an option among the various iphone background choices that are available which means something to you, you would be constantly reminded of that thing.

It could be anything. You might want to keep in mind the things that you love, so that you would be able to recall the sense of happiness that engulfs you when you manage to make time for them whenever you look at your screen. It could be something that is associated with a happy memory of your life which would ensure that your face would light up in smile even when you are not in a good mood. It could be something or someone that you are inspired with, or a picture that symbolizes what you hope to achieve in life which would prompt you to work harder. The options and prospects are limitless.

Chose something that generates emotional impact  

When you ensure that the sight that you see when you unlock your screen is something that you have interest in or something that you would be happy about, you would always have something in your vicinity which would be able to cheer you up when you are feeling crestfallen or down. When you have the options, why not make an effort to make use of them? Why not try to ensure that you are able to make a simple thing like the theme of your phone mean something? You might make a doisocvery in the process. Therefore make complete use of the options that have been made available to you.


image courtesy: iPhone hacks

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