Yesterday, I wrote an article, suggesting whether you should buy the new iPhone 7, or not. Well, I take back my words suggesting you should. Don’t ask why. you will find out once you read this article. Guess what? iPhone 7 is the new bomb in the market, following Samsung’s Note 7. 2 cases have been reported stating that the iPhone 7s’ are exploding the first one was when it exploded while in a students pocket and, now the second while a man was shooting a video. Luckily, no one was harmed fatally in both incidents.

iPhone 7 Explodes……………………Again



In addition to that, when this case was reported to Apple, they responded saying that they had no authority to look into the matter. The complaint was further forwarded to Apple headquarters. Also, it’s still unknown from where the man purchased the iPhone 7. This new trend for smartphones is so “Hot”, that it is literally causing them to explode. A Modder, (HitmanNiko) had released a mod for Grand Theft Auto V, that replaced the bomb with a Note 7(Admit it we all loved that mod). Come to think of it, both of these companies are going taken”copying ideas” to a whole new level. Will we see an iPhone 7 mod as well? Is the number “7” cursed that it is causing phones to explode? Will Apple cease the iPhone 7 Production? Well, stay tuned for more info.
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