Apple new Flagship iPhone 6 rumors are nowadays in the air. Recently GeekBar Founder brought us some of the freshest information, confirmed that this generation will be equipped with NFC chips, while supporting dual-4G baseband, and the memory is still only 1GB.

iPhone 6 will support NFC and dual-4G, memory still only 1GB?

iPhone 6 vs iPhone 5

First NFC technology solutions provided by the NXP, NXP chip model is PN65V, currently including Samsung, Sony, Nexus and other manufacturers have adopted the NXP PN65 series of chips on many flagship phones, technology is more mature.

iPhone 6 will continue to use Qualcomm’s baseband solution, equipped with its third-generation 28nm MDM9625 baseband processor chips and baseband IC PM8019 power management.

The most important feature of this program is to support TD-LTE, FDD-LTE Cat.4 double 4G network, and almost all the network can support currently available on standard criteria.

Memory, although the iPhone 6 will use a more powerful A8 64-bit processor, but Apple will still stick to 1GB of memory to run. At this point the basic Android flagship phone has 3GB of memory, the processor upgrade in the future to 64 or even to 4GB. Now dare to maintain 1GB of memory is probably explained Apple iOS memory use efficiency and management confident.

Apple iPhone 6 is expected to be released on September 9, 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch versions, the latter name may be iPhone 6L or iPhone Air, equipped with a new generation of 64 A8 processor. The screen resolution is 1704 × 960, still retains Touch ID fingerprint recognition, color LED flash, the camera is said to be using a customized version of the 13 Mega pixel like Sony IMX220 sensor elements, two versions were equipped with 6.91Whr and 11.28Whr battery power.

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