Before you start reading, I would like to ask you a question. If iPhone 6 is really equipped with a Sapphire Screen, compared to the current price increase of nearly $ 100, you will accept it?

The foreign media comes with the news that due to increases in iPhone 6 Screen Size, Equipped with sapphire glass, the price would be rise upto $100. While its four storage spaces will 16/32/64/128GB version election.

According to the reports the estimated price of iPhone6 is: 16GB at $ 749, 32GB is $ 849, 64GB for $ 949, 128GB for $ 1,049, equivalent to, approximately, while the iPhone 6 UK prices are expected to 549,629,709, and 789 pounds.
Apple IPhone 6 Concept Design
Apple iPhone 6 Concept Design

IPhone 5S compared to U.S. $ 649 starting price for the bare metal, the above prices of Iphone6 are a lot more expensive.

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