Through a statement on its website, Io-Interactive officially announces that it is already a completely independent studio, and this means that they have complete control over the studio’s management and its flagship IP Hitman, retaining all rights of the same.

IO-Interactive is now an Independent Studio


“In its 19 years of history, Io-Interactive has brought you original and exciting entertainment; from Mini Ninjas and Freedom Fighters to gaming’s most notorious criminals Kane & Lynch and of course our beloved Agent 47. With our latest game, we have not only transformed Hitman, but also moved our entire studio into the AAA digital era. Our live product has disrupted the video game business and has received recognition and praise from press, community and our fans.

There are many tales of hope, dreams, hardship and joy within these walls. We have never strived for the expected or predictable. Instead, we are always in pursuit for what feels original and real. Our passion and determination has never been greater and so that is why we have decided it is not the time to stop as we have many more exciting and original tales to tell.

I am happy to announce that as of today, IOI is a completely independent study. We successfully terminated our negotiations with Square Enix and accepted a management buyout. Crucially, we will maintain all rights to the IP Hitman.

This is a great time for IOI. From today, we have complete control of the direction of our studio and IP Hitman – we are about to create our own future and it is incredible. We are open to opportunities with future partners and partners to help us improve as a study and ensure we can produce the best possible games for the community. “

This is undoubtedly great news for IO-Independent, and we hope to hear about the second season of Hitman soon, since they already confirmed it.

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