In 2020, every person in the world will have accounts for more than 26 smart devices – such announcement has been made in the last conference from company Intel, the conference was devoted to the Internet of Things (IoT). The American manufacturer has a long vision, they are taking things too seriously in this sector and just make the first step. Now decided to go all out – announced the creation of an open platform for smart devices, which is to be the basis for the whole Internet of Things. Intel® IoT Platform, an end-to-end reference model designed to unify and simplify connectivity and security for the Internet of Things (IoT).

Internet of Things (IoT): Intel believes Internet To Be Open source platform for future devices

Picture Courtesy @wired

Internet of Things (IoT) – so system devices will be connected to the Internet and exchanging information among themselves and can produce very positive results. What’s more – this applies to virtually all parts of our lives. Home, work, travel, relax – anywhere you can use the Internet stuff. This not only increases user comfort, but also can contribute to a reduction in the cost of living. 

According to the presentation during the conference of IoT, insights data revealed that, the use of an intelligent building management system (temperature, light, water) allowed savings of million dollars a year in a single block.

According to Intel, everything worked smoothly and could bear fruit abundantly we need to create a universal platform. Therefore, the Americans decided to create an open solutionIoT PlatformIt aims to harmonize the standards of the Internet of Things, simplifying communications between devices and the network and ensuring the security of the entire system. One also has to affect ecosystem to accelerate the development of the Internet of Things. Other manufacturers, with a solid foundation, will be able to introduce their new products faster, and users will not have to worry about the lack of compatibility.

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