Japanese gaming halls have long become as vivid attraction for tourists as the views of Mount Fuji. This is evidenced by the fact that any visitor considers it his duty to visit such an institution. And for good reason. Indeed, in the endless halls of top online pokies, you can really see the real life of modern Japan.

It is known that pokie machines in this country are insanely popular. Of course, about this entertainment in Japan there are a huge number of rumors and myths. However, even some irrefutable facts about Japanese gaming halls may surprise and even shock you!

The most interesting facts about pokies in Japan

The Japanese die during the game. Of course, such cases are rare, but they were recorded. Like the Karosi phenomenon (death from overwork at work), in Japan there were deaths after the game. Apparently, such an evil joke with avid players played their eastern mentality. Full dedication to your favorite business periodically brings some visitors to the gaming halls to loss of consciousness and hungry fainting.

Games after the tragedy in Fukushima. The sensational accident forced whole Japan to go into energy saving mode for a while. During this period, various institutions and enterprises did not work. And only the gaming halls were still sparkling with bright illumination and inviting visitors with loud music. All to one!

The most profitable gambling business in the world! The annual revenue of Japanese pokies machines is four times the revenue of all casinos in the world combined.

Pokies machines are prohibited in Japan. This is surprising, but the gambling here is really banned. In order to conduct their business unhindered, Japanese gaming halls use an indirect payout system. Everything is simple. Instead of ringing coins, the lucky winner receives a souvenir, which can later be exchanged for money in a special shop located at the establishment.

Gaming rooms are led by the Yakuza. The famous and ancient mafia yakuza syndicate allegedly owns all the gambling business in Japan. This rumor does not seem so unrealistic, given all aspects of the operation of online pokies.

All pokie machines in Japan are brand new. There is a rule that prohibits the use of a “one-armed bandit” for more than two years. Upon reaching this age, it must be replaced. But a retired pokie machine is not necessarily disposed of. It can be bought from the company. Individuals who become owners of almost new used automatic machines are happy to entertain their friends and guests with them.

End Word

Each game room in Japan is an amazing place that is simply impossible to pass by. Bright lights, fiery music and enthusiastic local players cannot leave indifferent any tourist. Well, if you’re not planning a trip to enchanting Japan yet, but you really want to have some excitement and visit an interesting gaming hall, then you can look into a Australian virtual casino where you can play online gaming machines right at home, via the Internet.