Intel is now looking forward to build their new Chip Production plant in Israel. Israel is the small country with the population of 8 million, but if we talk about technology, computer and other evolutionary flavor Israel is also in the list of top. Additionally from Intel side their executives said that we are in searching for new location for the 10nm Chip Factory, the cost of new production Plant will be around 7 billion dollars, and the plant will take 10 years to complete.

Intel's new chip production plant in Israel

President of Intel Israel said that, the decision is still not sure that the new plant will be in the Israel, but there are possible chances. 

Intel’s Israeli branch completed in 2013 exports of $ 3.8 billion, compared with $ 4.6 billion the previous year dropped a lot, but according to Eden’s introduction, in 2012 because of higher exports of Intel since 2011 began to use The new chip technology, “Overall, our development is still very healthy,” he said “Intel to Israel Total invested $ 105 billion in the past few decades, in 2012 it reached $ 11 billion”

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