With the upcoming release of Haswell Refresh processors, Intel will also simultaneously launched 9 series chipset, including the Z97, H97 two models. Various messages from the previous judgment, which is the basic Z87, H87 replica nothing new.

Intel Z97, H97 Chipset and Intel Desktop Platform Roadmap for 2014, The Ultimate Exposure

Japanese media Hermitage Akihabara today officially announced a few slides, detailing the Z97, H97 features.

The Z97, H97 was planned to support SATA Express disk interface, but was later abandoned. This is the next-generation SATA standards developed by the Organization SATA-IO, intended to replace SATA 6Gbps, but so far have not yet fully completed, and new interfaces do not see any obvious advantages, the volume is too large, the system is connected and relatively complex, and the future unknown.

However, Z97, H97 is still a bright spot, that is native support M.2 (old name NGFF). This is Intel pushes a miniature disk interface, mainly for the solid state drive, wireless card, and now the market M.2 SSD is getting rich. The key is, M.2 can provide 10 Gbps s transmission bandwidth, comparable SATA Express but much more compact.

In addition, the 9 Series also supports start protection (Boot Guard) protection technology equipment, but said the job requires a processor with Haswell Refresh.

Additionally, Z97, H97 and Z87, Z77 really nothing different.

Intel 9 Series Chipset overview
Intel 9 Series Chipset overview
Intel 9 Series Chipset keyfeature
Intel 9 Series Chipset key feature



The X99 data have, say exactly the same as before , it is relative to the X79 upgrade the intensity is still quite large.

Intel X99 Chipset key feature
Intel X99 Chipset key feature


In the last we have a processor roadmap. Haswell Refresh will be released in the second quarter, precisely on May 11. Haswell Refresh K will have to wait until the third quarter, Haswell-E also in the third quarter.

Intel Desktop Platform Roadmap for 2014
Intel Desktop Platform Roadmap for 2014
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