Mostly smart devices had been relying on Bluetooth, Wi-Fi access networks, but now they can finally embark on new way and can be independently connected to the Internet, because Intel has officially released the world’s smallest independent 3G modem named as XMM6255 , the size of the entire modem is only 300mm2.

Intel XMM6255 Modem :  The world’s smallest independent 3G modem

Intel XMM6255 Modem

XMM6255 SMARTI UE2p modem is equipped with a transceiver, X-GOLD 625 baseband, isoplexer modules and memory MCP package. The SMARTI UE2p power transceiver based on Intel technology. We can say it is for the first time that data transmission / reception function, power amplifier and power management integrated into a single chip. In addition, to ensure that the power consumption and cost of the entire modem is maintained at a low level.

XMM6255 supports Dual-band HSPA network, download bandwidth is 7.2Mbps, upload is 5.76Mbps. But can also add a quad-band 2G network, A-GPS positioning support, but you also need to add an additional power amplifier.

This size of modem only300mm2, the 3G modem will be used in smart watches / bracelets and other wearable devices, smart appliances and a variety of networking and related security equipment and also industrial equipments. So now these devices mentioned before do not need to rely on cell phones Bluetooth, Wi-Fi networks can be independently connected to the Internet.

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