Intel announces the development of Intel XMM 8060 chip, the first chip on the market with support for 5G modem technology and that will be implemented for the first time in the new Apple iPhone, possibly.

The smartphone and tablet market is highly regarded by Qualcomm, which has a virtual monopoly for its excellent processors, which offer great performance and implement great technologies, such as support for LTE networks. Intel wants to start taking market share from it and has developed the Intel XMM 8060 5G modem, which will be the first chip on the market, offering compatibility with 5G networks, the communication networks of the future and which have barely been started to implement or propose its implementation in the world.

During the last weeks some rumors have appeared that pointed out that Intel would develop the telecommunication network chips of the Apple devices and this information would be verified with the confirmation of the Intel XMM 8060 5G, which would offer the most advanced technology in the next iPhone. These new chips offer 5G support, reaching to sweep the competition in mid-2019, after the official deployment of the XMM 7660 chip in the smartphone.

“Intel is committed to delivering the leading 5G multimode modem technology and ensuring that the transition to 5G is seamless. Our investments in a complete portfolio of modern technologies and products are essential to achieve the vision of perfect 5G connectivity. ” Today’s wireless networks are the equivalent of data that drives on a single lane road. Our progress on the road map shows how Intel is moving at gigabit speeds to help the industry create this superhighway and benefit from the speed, capacity and low latency that the future holds. 5G promises. “