The all new most anticipated arrival of this year Intel Haswell-E and the X99 Chipset “Wellsburg” are going to release on this June. The X99 Chipset “Wellsburg” will supports DDR4 Memory.

As Sandy Bridge-E, Ivy Bridge-E processor generations grade fever partner, Intel X79 chipset, there are some weak specification characteristics are not higher than the mainstream 7/8 series chipset much, especially not a native USB 3.0, and only two SATA 6Gbps.

Intel X99 Chipset “Wellsburg”: supports native six USB 3.0 and DDR4 memory

The new platform X99 chipset completely breaks the old trend,  the X99 chipset codenamed “Wellsburg”, will support up to six USB 3.0, eight USB 2.0, as well as ten SATA 6Gbps (no SATA 3Gbps), more high-end equipment is sufficient.

But as more versatile integrated into the processor, X99 their responsibilities very simple, not many other places highlights, such as eight PCI-E 2.0 5GT /s channels, integrated Gigabit Ethernet MAC, integrated clock, Support Windows 8/8.1.

Intel X99 “Wellsburg”: supports native six USB 3.0 and DDR4 memory
Intel X99 Chipset “Wellsburg” #Picture #courtesy #wccftech

Haswell-E platform will be released in June 2014, Haswell-E will use the 22nm process, up to eight core sixteen threads, 20MB level three cache, for the first time brings DDR4 memory for the desktop platform, the highest frequency 2133MHz, four channels (one per channel).

Additionally, Haswell-E processor interface is still LGA2011, rather than  LGA2011-3, and Haswell-E Processors are not compatible with the X70 platform, must be used with the new X79 Motherboards.

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