[Rumor] Intel may be planning more changes in its product range this year, we have not only heard of a new Broadwell-E processor with ten cores and twenty threads ( Core i7-6950X ), but now the chipmaker may be planning to launch Intel quad-core Xeon reaches 5.10 GHz  becoming the fastest CPU ever made ​​by the company with regard to the clock frequencies. This @5.10 GHz Xeon is rumored to be part of the E5-2600 V4 family of chips, it will be supported by 10 MB of L3 cache and a maximum TDP of 165W.

Intel Would Launch Xeon 5.10GHz Processor this year

Xeon E7 v3

While the idea of releasing an Intel chip to break the barrier of 5 GHz is exciting, the Xeon is likely to be available through certain OEMs only because it is not really geared towards the average consumer. Either way, this is by now a rumor and there is really a lot of information, so we’ll have to wait to materialize, if it is real.

via: KitGuru

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