Kirk Skaugen Intel senior vice president and general manager said, they expected to begin the wireless charging technology in 2015, wireless charging function will be landing on the PC platform, The user just needs to put the laptop on charging cradle and support wireless charging function flagship in an electrical socket, you can get a steady stream of electricity supply, and no external charging cable is needed.

Intel: Wireless charging to reach PCs, tablets next year

Wireless charging to reach PCs, tablets next year

Kirk Skaugen said wireless communication network has now become the important part of all kinds of electronic devices in this era, people are no longer bound by the network cables. After this the next step they plan to make wireless charging technology also spread to wearable devices, smart phones, notebook and Tablets. Now Intel is also working to find the best response from a number of manufacturers who are also interested in the development of this technology, till now manufactures including Dell, Lenovo, Asus, Panasonic and many other companies have joined the program. In the future Intel is expecting more vendors to support related technologies.

Intel is currently developing wireless charging technology, which is mainly based on A4WP standard, magnetic resonance technology allows its use ordinary material surface into a wireless charging platform, and provides 20W to 50W of charging power. Although not yet meet the high-performance desktop PC or notebook platform power requirements, but for general purpose laptop such as ultra-books 50W will do the job. Furthermore, this technology is not only a part in the development of Intel, Qualcomm and Samsung and many other manufacturers have developed wireless charging technology based on A4WP standards.

Intel also said they will launch a new wireless display technology that can support 4K resolution in IFA 2015.