SAN FRANCISCO: This year at the IDF conference Intel most talked about Broadwell and Skylake processors, both are based on 14nm Process. Then further Intel also shows his interest in 10nm and 7nm process and these two processes are still under study, for exploration they need more advanced manufacturing equipment, EUV (extreme ultraviolet lithography equipment) is one of the key, but Intel said that they can even do this task without EUV equipment, they also know how to  manufacture 7nm chips in future.

Intel: We also know how to manufacture 7nm Chips without EUV

Intel 7nm Chips

Intel director Mark Bohr while answering the questions related to the manufacturing process said that, one of his daily work to study how to make 7nm Chips without EUV lithography. This core equipment for EUV lithography, optimistic view is also not upgrade from last 10 years, Intel 10nm node will not be used in EUV technology, 7nm node will not necessarily, but this time we are on the ship of hope.

Bohr said he was interested in EUV technology, which can help companies to increase their productivity and may simplify the process. Unfortunately, we are not ready to use EUV technology.

As for how to manufacture chips at 10nm and 7nm with no circumstances of EUV technology, Intel would not reveal the information too much, but we can say they are interested in it. According to several rumors we can see 7nm Chips in 2017.

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