According to the site Digitimes news based on the anonymous sources tell us that, Intel has made some new adjustments in the schedule of its new Haswell server processors. Now, Intel will release its Haswell-EX (Xeon E7 v3 series) and Haswell-EP4S (Xeon E5-4600 v3 series) server processors in the second quarter of 2015. Which will provide more time to customers in order to prepare for the new platform, according to industry sources.

Intel to unharness New Haswell EX/EP4S server processors in Q2 2015

Xeon E7 v3

It also reported that for workstations and entry-level servers, Intel will release E3-1280 v5 and E3-1200 v5 based on microarchitecture Skylake and would be available from the third quarter of next year. Tellingly, the solution generation Broadwell (Xeon E3-1200 v4) should come out at the same time, it will create quite an interesting precedent in the assortment policy. Intel in the second quarter of 2015 should appear with Broadwell-DE series system-on-chip including C2750 and the C2350 and those chips in terms of marketing segmentation will be focused on micro-servers.

At the end of this year, Intel will begin to withdraw from the production lines of the existing solutions Itanium, Xeon, Xeon Phi and Atom.

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