Intel in the last year just completed 40 million tablet chip shipments goal, with the domestic large and small rely Walled factory and brand manufacturers, this year going to stop subsidies, but Intel to integrate mobile services PC business to the action, this year’s subsidy will continue, but will put it differently, Intel is prepared to give the low-end Atom chip Rockchip, Spreadtrum and other manufacturers do, Intel will help partners to launch cheaper tablets featuring Atom X3  in a price tag of $79.

Intel to help partners launch Cheaper Tablets


Intel’s Atom X3 processor is before SoFIA platform, Intel recently unified naming and locating Atom product line is high-end Atom X7 / X5, the target product is priced at $ 249 and above, which is Intel’s own part in do their own process technology is 14nm. Atom X3 flagship low-priced products, integrated 3G and 4G LTE baseband, but the process technology is 28nm, TSMC foundry is mainly to domestic chip company Rockchip, Spreadtrum Intel last year to push investment.

From Digitimes news that for the Atom X3 processor, Intel will launch 3G standard 7,8-inch screen and 4G standard 10-inch screen reference design, based on different screen sizes, Atom X3 tablet will be priced at $ 129.

Taiwan-based ODM manufacturers such as Foxconn, Compal, Pegatron, Wistron and ECS elite companies will be responsible for the production of new products.

In addition, Intel will help domestic manufacturers of white card (also known as Walled plant) expansion in Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Southeast Asia .

Sources pointed out that, although the slowdown in global growth, but is expected in 2015 and 2 in 1 tablet tablet market will exceed 200 million units.