Tick-Tock strategy has been followed by Intel for a very long time, it’s basically the pendulum ticking, each of the 2 years. The Tick phase is about the upgrade of process and Tock is about the upgrade of the processor architecture. Previously we have seen for the past five years, this strategy is very effective for them.  But in the 14nm process stage, Intel’s Tick-Tock strategy face failures as after 10nm, 7nm process is also at risk of delay.

 Intel “Tick-Tock” strategy gradually fails, 7nm process launched early 2018

Intel: 14nm process capacity lower than expected, still trying to climb

Broadwell 14nm processor technology originally planed to release in the second quarter of this year, but progress has been postponed, although currently there are some Core M processors in production, but this is mainly for the portable market, the desktop 14nm process will have to wait until next year second quarter.

After that 10nm and 14nm, according to Intel initially expected, 10nm process should be launched in 2015, but now look at 2016 to launch 10nm process on the good. In addition, the 10nm node, the semiconductor industry will face a major upgrade –EUV EUVL technology, but Intel’s progress on EUV somewhat confident, they probably would not use EUV technology at 10nm node, TSMC touches more active currently deploying four sets EUV equipment, prepare the 10nm process for trial production by the end of 2016.

Later that 7nm process of Intel was originally expected to launch in 2017, but now, after 10nm process development more difficult in 2018 to launch 7nm process has been pretty good.

As for AMD, they have no fab, chip manufacturers need to rely Globalfoundries, TSMC and other foundries. AMD’s current 28nm process is still the main force in 2015, the Carrizo APU or the 28nm process, AMD said that they are not entirely dependent on energy-saving technology, infrastructure upgrades and more critical.

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