Page VRZone recently received a leaked slide comes with a Thunderbolt controller chip that Intel’s new generation of development with a series of notable features.

In early April, Intel and Apple jointly launched lightning (Thunderbolt) second-generation interfaces, from the initial rate of up to 10Gbps 20Gbps, can easily transfer 4K video content. This year, the fifth generation of Intel processors will continue with 20Gbps Broadwell lightning two technologies.

Intel’s future processors will support 40Gb/s thunder, and hundred-watt charging capability

However, Intel’s next year’s Skylake the native support for next-generation processors lightning master, speeds up to 40Gbps, the power consumption is reduced by 50%, and support more transmission mode.

According to VR-Zone introduced a new generation of Intel processors with the lightning will Skylake master, code Alipne Ridge. Compared to the current second-generation 20Gbps lightning speed, speed Alipne Ridge master continues to provide a double upgrade to 40Gbps.

PCI-E channel from the previous PCI-E 2.0 up to the PCI-E 3.0.

Intel ThunderBolt Controller Slide Image
Intel ThunderBolt Controller Slide Image

Lightning current interfaces is taking Thunerbolt and DP channel, a new generation of Alipne Ridge will support more models, in addition to Thunderbolt, DP 1.2 as well as USB 3.0, HDMI 2.0 are two, a total of 4 modes (refer to Figure), is expected to reduce power consumption by 50%.

In addition to master change, the next generation of lightning interface design will change, such as the ability to support charging 100W, reducing the interface thickness to about 3mm, to maintain backward compatibility, you can use the adapter compatible with existing interfaces.

After using the next generation of Lightning Technologies, ordinary users can simultaneously transmit two 40Gbps speed 4K video; With the 100W charging capability, fast as smart phones, tablet PCs and other devices charged.

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