March 22, 1993, Intel released the Pentium (Pentium) processor, which is a numbered 386,486 after, Intel first processor to use the trademark brand name, from opening a period of up to 21 years of legendary history.

In fact, the Pentium over a year ago, 20-year-old birthday, also right now a year older, but Intel is preparing to launch a 20th anniversary edition of the Pentium processor.

intel pentium 20th anniversary edition
Intel Pentium 20th anniversary edition

Intel said the Pentium Fengyun will unlock special multiplier, which is able to overclock as freely as the K series, and also supports Quick Sync video transcoding functionality – in fact, the core was released last month, driving, Intel will to a large number of Pentium, Celeron liberated this feature.

In addition, 8,9-series chipset can support it, suggesting that its structure is still present Haswell.

But in addition, commemorative Pentium seems nothing special, and the specifications are not clear, particularly gorgeous packaging estimate it.

The 20th Anniversary Edition Pentium processors will be released this year, the basic and Haswell Refresh K series synchronization. Will they use the heat brazing material?

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