Recently, it was announced that notebooks with Intel processors Skylake will be available from Q2 of 2015 or even in the beginning of the third quarter. 

Intel Skylake-S Platform Details Revealed

Intel Skylake is the new architecture succeeding the die shrink that is Broadwell. It will come in two models, namely an i5 and an i7 variant. Both SKUs will have their multiplier locked, which means you can’t overclock these using the conventional methods, Stationary processors Skylake-S more fortunate. They will not have caching options, but will debut in 2015. At the end of the second quarter. It is likely that this will happen at Computex 2015. After Six months, Intel will launch products on Boardwell architecture, but of course, almost everyone is looking at the Second half, as in this quarter, Intel will come up with the Skylake Processors which will also support the DDR4 memory.

Intel Skylake-S Specifications
Intel Skylake-S Specifications

Processors Skylake-S will get the socket LGA 1151, and for running this processor now you have to go with a new motherboard which will feature this socket. These models will be designed chipset Z170. Skylake-S combine a memory controller with support for both standards: DDR4 voltage of 1.2 V and 1.35 V DDR3L with tension.

Motherboard manufacturers will have to choose a type of memory standard, and it will be up to motherboard manufacturers to support one or the other.

The Intel Z170 chipset will support PCI Express 3.0 interface, it comes with 1 x 16 plus 2×8 or 1×8 plus 2×4 PCIe express 3.0 combination. SLI and Crossfire will continue to live in 2015 and beyond, there is no doubt about it.

The new motherboards will support Intel technology Rapid Storage Technology 14, Intel Smart Response Technology, up to 14 USB ports, 10 of which will be USB 3.0 (unfortunately, do not support USB 3.1). It seems that the USB 3.1 to 10 Gbit / s throughput and power up to 100W and motherboard manufacturers will have to rely on external controllers. All of their efforts that whether they go to Third party or not.

Intel Z170 allows you to connect up to six drives with SATA III 6.0 Gbps interface, up to three SATA ports X2 Express slots. Now we wait for the new processor, and find out whether it is true or not. Well, previously we saw the leaked sample of Intel 14nm Skylake-S, and you can read more information of Intel Skylake-S from that article. 

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