The Intel Skylake-S Processors will be released in August, but have been set up for pre-orders by an online retailer just in the U.S. The Unlocked processors are rated at 95W TDP.

Intel Skylake-S Desktop Processors Are Available For Pre-Order in U.S.


The Overclockers love, Unlocked Processor versions of Core i7-6700K and Core i5-6600K have been recorded by PC Connection. The online retailer is asking US $401 and US $279 for Core i7-6700K and the Core i5-6600K individually. Once the items are formally accessible, we accept that the costs will drop for sure.

Whatever remains of the lineup was additionally spotted at the same site and the rundown incorporates of Core i5-6400, i5-6500, i5-6600 and the Core i7-6700. Since the online retailer is attempting to accomplish a premium score by offering pre-orders of the items, this clarifies the explanation behind high costs.

The costs presented by the retailer are higher than what Intel generally requests. The SLK-S for instance is 15-20 percent higher than the past business desktop lineups. Intel Core i7-6700 supports Hyper Threading while both chips will have a Quad Core.

At this moment, the Intel expects to release the lineup in two breaks subsequently characterizing the significance of each core. It is normal that the Intel will dispatch multiplier unlocked and enthusiast situated Core i5-6600K and Core i7-6700K some place in the outset of August.

In spite of the fact that it isn’t affirmed, however the Intel anticipates the launch of Core i7 and i5 (unlocked) at the Gamescom 2015 show. While it is conceivable that whatever we see remains of the lineup for Intel Skylake-S will launch in late August or early September.

Intel Skylake Desktop CPU Pre-Order Prices

Skylake model Box part
official price
i5-6400 BX80662I56400 $211.06 i5-4460 $182
i5-6500 BX80662I56500 $227.86 i5-4590 $192
i5-6600 BX80662I56600 $251.87 i5-4690 $213
i5-6600K BX80662I56600K $273.48 i5-4690K $242
i7-6700 BX80662I76700 $351.52 i7-4790 $303
i7-6700K BX80662I76700K $393.53 i7-4790K $339

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