The new Intel mainstream processor series after Broadwell is Intel Skylake coming increasingly in larger steps and we know the technical specification details. What can we expect from new processors based on 14-nm process node?

The new  Intel Skylake processors will continue to be produced in 14-nanometer process technology, but they are based on an entirely new microarchitecture Skylake. Desktop models have to wear the official Codename Skylake-S and will be compatible with the new socket LGA 1151. The manufacturer plans to have the following versions: 2-core with a coefficient of TDP 35 and 65 W, 4-core with a coefficient of TDP 35 and 65 and 4 -Cores enthusiast with a coefficient of 95 W TDP (models with Overclocking – both multiplier and BCLK bus).

Processors are also equipped with a new generation layout, which is expected to support the latest API (DirectX 12, OpenGL 4.3 / 4.4, OpenCL 2.0) and the acceleration of the latest codecs (HEVC, VP8 and VP9). In addition, the manufacturer integrates a dual memory controller: DDR3L and DDR4 – can therefore you can expect the debut of new motherboards in the market supporting DDR3L memory, DDR4 or DDR3L and DDR4.


Well, Skylake processors will be compatible with completely new motherboards with socket LGA 1151 and Intel 100 chipset. The new chipsets will be equipped with integrated USB 2.0 controller, USB 3.0, SATA 6 Gb / s, Intel LAN and – what is new – Controller PCI-Express version 3.0 (the number of available lines is dependent on the specific model).


The main difference between the chipsets comes down to the distribution line of PCI-Express and Overclocking of the processor – the best bridge falls here Z170 (the only consumer segment allows for Overclocking and the division line on x16, x8 / x8 or x8 / x4 / x4), but again targeted solutions for business users are only found in the model H170.Cheapest motherboards will be equipped with support for H110 without technology Rapid Storage Technology (SATA and PCIe) and Smart Response Technology.

intel-skylake (2)

According to the latest information, the Intel Skylake will be released on 15 August at the fair IDF 15 in San Francisco. Earlier, in the first days of June at Computex 2015, we should expect the presentation of the first motherboard with socket LGA 1151.


What awaits us later? Disclosed plans show that in the first quarter of 2016 years, we should not expect anything new – at least when it comes to chipsets, because according to previous messages they will appear for top models of Intel Broadwell-E.

Source: WCCFTech

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