Details regarding to the Intel Next-Generation Skylake Platform have been leaked at Vr-Zone. The Intel Skylake Platform  for 2015 will total based on 14nm node and x86 Skylake architecture, there are several huge numbers of stack features will be added to the new Skylake platform.

Intel Skylake Platform Details
Intel Skylake Platform Details

Intel Skylake 2015 Platform- DDR4 support and compatible with 100 Series Chipset

Intel 14nm delay in 2014 and x86 processors seems to be the boring deal, but 2015 is destined a year to look forward to. AMD is also trying to make a comeback with high-performance restructure. Intel Skylake it is definitely worth upgrading. So we can say 2015 is bringing lots of new interesting things.

Intel has just held a Singapore Solutions Summit, in addition to publishing process introduced Haswell Refresh, Haswell Refresh K, Pentium K, Haswell-E series of new products again, but also the first time disclosed details of the 2015 plan, which is “Skylake”.

First, to clarify one point: Intel 14nm process next year there will be two platforms, ” Braswell “targeted at entry-level and hard core, will replace the existing Bay Trail, no accidents will also classify Atom sequence;” Skylake “the positioning mainstream and high-performance market, replacing Haswell / Broadwell, this is the real sixth-generation Core.

Revealed Details of Intel Skylake Platform:

Skylake desktop version SKL-S still uses LGA Socket, there are four cores GT2, dual-core GT2 and quad-core GT4e.

  1. According to previous message, it will significantly increase nuclear Broadwell GT2, GT3 execution units, Skylake will continue to increase is unknown, but here for the first time to see the more advanced “GT4e”, inevitably much stronger But the feeling is still confined to faint K series, still the same.
  2. Mobile laptop into SKL-H, SKY-U, SKY-Y three series is integrated BGA package. H series is the mainstream and high-performance products to replace the existing H, M Series offers four core GT2, quad-core GT4e.
  3. U, Y series of natural or low and ultra-low-voltage version, are dual-core, the core was there GT2, GT3e.

In addition to the new 14nm process, Skylake more exciting than in the mainstream platform first introduced DDR4 memory (Haswell-E will bring new fans to the first memory), and simultaneously support DDR3/DDR4, so that transition.

But note that the desktop and mobile versions of H series will fully support DDR4, U, Y, according to most of the series is said to still be DDR3. It stands to reason, DDR4 voltage, lower power consumption, should be a priority for a low-voltage version of fishes, it is perhaps because of cost considerations.

Skylake chipset with initial recognition will be named “100 Series” (model called Z107), but the exact size is unknown, it is estimated that continue to enhance SATA 6Gbps, USB 3.0.

As now, U, Y series continues to use MCP integrated package, the chipset and processor on a single substrate, but it is not the SoC.

Wireless part will be a great enhancement, in addition to continuing to upgrade Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, wireless baseband support, but also a clear introduction of ultra high-speed wireless technology WiGig 60GHz band, and independent GNSS GPS chip.

Thunderbolt Lightning, LAN LAN controller will also upgrade again, where the former is again doubled to 40Gbps bandwidth. 

Finally, Skylake will introduce a full range of touch controller, thus contributing to reduce the cost of touch devices, promoting universal.

Overall, Intel 2015-year plan is quite clear, particularly new things. Although not yet know exactly what time Skylake release (estimated to have half of next year), but he is quite worth the wait!

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