Intel 2015 second Quarter earnings results disappoint them, as in the second quarter of 2015 sales of desktop platforms fell by 22 percent, the mobile platform sales fell 11 percent, but the desktop average sales price of the platform has risen by 6%, this outcome is because Intel’s Core i7 desktop substantial increase in sales volume.

Intel Second Quarter Report: Sales fell by 22%, but the Core i7 sales surge


The industry believes that, Intel desktop product sales fell 22 percent, which is a terrible number. Intel lies in the field of personal PC core components — CPU, and their opponents are far from shipments

Although Intel explained, down 22 percent, mainly due to sales in the second quarter of last year too. Intel showed that in April last year, Microsoft officially stopped support for Windows XP Service, many companies and businesses replace a large number of personal PC, so that the sales volume growth in the second quarter of last year, too, but even so, the industry still believe that the second quarter of year down 22% of sales are still unacceptable.

In fact, this result also caters for nearly two years, the industry claims, personal PC business will gradually decline, the opposite mobile smart phone platform will gradually replace the PC platform, but the PC still has his market because it still has a lot of functions which cannot be realized in the smart phones and consoles .

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