Intel has released a new Intel HD Graphics Driver which is caring new updates in order to boost performance. The version number is 15.36, to support the latest release of the fifth-generation Core processors (Broadwell-U), but also enhance the existing fourth-generation Core processors (Haswell / Haswell Refresh).

Intel released the latest HD Graphics Driver


Features in new driver include:  increased portion VP9 hardware acceleration of video formats; GPU acceleration support HEVC format 4K video decoding; increasing support OpenCL and OpenGL extensions.

Also added Broadwell-U processor HD Graphics 5500/6000/6100 in the support list, the official claimed that Broadwell processor core with a new version of the driver remarkable 3D graphics performance compared Haswell / Haswell Refresh upgrade 34%, video format conversion rate increased by 50%, up to 1.5 hours battery life increase.

Intel HD Graphics Driver 15.36 Download: Windows 8/7 / Vista 64-bit  |  Windows 8/7 / Vista 32-bit

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