Intel has initiated it will likely be re-branding their range of Atom processors from the complex jargon-filled code names of yesteryear , to a streamlined , consumer-friendly “Atom x” range of CPUs .
Perhaps the most effective stances Intel could have made for itself was re-branding their worn out range of Pentium processors to the brand new “Core” series way back in 2007 , and so at this point it looks as if the Atom is mostly about to receive a make-over of its own .


Intel Rebranding Atom Lineup With Atom x3, x5 and x7 Variations:

Prior to this , the microchips were stuck with complex code names such as “Z3735G” and “S1289 .” Not specifically the sexiest approach to get silicon off the market shelves. , and right now Intel states its array of mobile-ready processors is going to be a tad bit easier to recognize under new monikers ; x3 , x5 , together with x7 .



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Just like the “i” series , every different leap in the sequence bring forth the significant amount of power you should expect to acquire for the particular price tag . Surprisingly ,the infographic published by Intel states almost all three Atom brands are going to concentrate on “great tablet , phablet and smartphone performance ,” however absolutely does not point out 2-in-1 units . Rather , the publication states Core M will carry “tablet-thin designs” going forward .


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We’re doubtful exactly what to make of that info . Core M is too costly for manufacturers to utilize in affordable hybrids , so possibly Intel plans to introduce less expensive variations , or the infographic isn’t quite right . We presume the latter , given the company’s notorious reluctance to greatly reduce pricing for their Core series .


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Hardly any updates on whenever we can be ready to discover the brand new Atoms inside our pockets , however it’s most likely the re-branding is basically in processing for the launch of new “Cherry Trail” later on this year . We be expecting Intel will certainly flesh out the information of this range at Mobile World Congress MWC next week .

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