Probably many readers at least once in their life was in the hands of Intel or AMD processor, for the present generation differences in the construction of systems from competing companies are visible to the naked eye due to the different methods of connection unit with the rest of the set. Intel remained at their joints coming out of the cradle in the motherboard, and AMD continues to create processors with integrated feet perfectly sockets.

Intel processor closes Operation in Costa Rica: Cuts more than 1,500 employees 

I bet that many users of the Intel platform can boast imprinted with “Costa Rica”, which means nothing else than to produce the processor in one of the factories in Costa Rica. As it turns out, soon circuits of this type are real pearls on the market, as Intel closes just their production lines in that country. Closure of production for us will mean only the absence of new processors with the inscription Costa Rica, but for the 1,500 employees of Intel’s strategy will be a big blow and slash the chance of a better life.

Each year the staff of Intel reduced by a few percent – currently working there a little over 100,000 people.

Restructuring in the “Blue” is associated with a declining popularity of the PC market (at least officially) and the pushing part of the capacity on systems for mobile devices. In the next two quarters, Intel has moved production from factories in Costa Rica to branches in China, Malaysia and Vietnam. Despite the release of up to 1500 employees, Intel still retains staff consisting of about 1,000 engineers, who have to deal with further technology development “Blue”.

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