The IFA show in Germany early next month. Industry giants are ready to show their bad boys. Samsung to release the Samsung Galaxy Note 4, Sony is likely to release Xperia Z3 Apple September 9 rumor may become true and Apple is likely to release iPhone 6, Intel is also in this busy September, they announced that, will release new hardware in this IFA exhibition, claiming that would create a computing device via the latest technology and open “A New Era.”

Intel preps for its Broadwell launch in September on the IFA


While Intel did not clear, what the final analysis that will be released, but considering the IFA consumer electronics show, they should be released something which is favored to upper mentioned products. PCWorld site revealed that Intel is actually to be released 14nm process Broadwell processor, while also expected to have the relevant product launches on PC and tablet in IFA 2014.

Broadwell is Intel’s first 14nm processor technology, a routine should be released in Q2 quarter of this year, but Intel CEO Corzine odd upper adjustment after a lot of business plans, Broadwell has been postponed to Q4 quarter of this year . If the message is ready to PCWorld, then we are likely to see in September Broadwell processors, of course, is probably the earliest release or low-power version, after all, brought 14nm process advantages make Broadwell processor power continues to decline, Y Series Core 5Y70 processor TDP is only 4.5W and for the new generation of tablet or in a laptop Broadwell is seems good choice.

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