Intel has been trying desperately to enter the mobile space, and indeed launched a number of strong products, but whether the delay in tablet or mobile phone are opened up the situation, one important reason is the aging of thinking, have the greatest extent possible to grab profits, Processors sells expensive than anyone else.

Intel finally wakes up, Plans to ship 40 million tablet processors: Cheap is king

But now, Intel seems to finally want to open. Industry sources said, Intel is greatly reduced prices tablet processors. Sales processors Bay Trail-T support with the Android operating system will start only at the end of December this year or in early January 2014. 

Currently, Intel mainstream quad-core tablet chip has been quoted less than $5, than the high-pass, MediaTek, NVIDIA similar products should be cheaper, and domestic manufacturers have even Rockchip, almost the whole blog, is expected to be more related products to be more.

bay trail atom next generation
Bay trail atom next generation

In order to help manufacturers to design their own processor-based tablet, Intel in design, technology, marketing and sales are very generous, to provide services.

Intel’s research cottage manufacturers also focus on their areas of low entry-level price, control of the new technology is brand manufacturers cannot match.

Intel plans to ship 40 million tablet processors, including the entry-level new Bay Trail, and the next step to integrate support for 3G networks SoFIA.

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