In the near future, Intel is preparing three new portfolios of premier mobile processors on the market.

As previously announced, this year sales will go for thin laptops and tablets powered by high-performance Intel Core M. Manufactures has plan to put them in a hot period before Christmas, so they can be a good gift for Christmas.

Intel plans three New Generations of Mobile Processors in 2015

Intel plans three new generations of Mobile Processors in 2015

In the spring of next year, Intel has scheduled the premiere 5th generation Core chips, code-named Broadwell. These processors will be manufactured in 14-nanometer process node, based on a refined Haswell microarchitecture, so we can expect an even higher performance with lower power consumption. The first is likely to debut mobile versions, which are used for devices such as laptops and 2-in-1.

The Braswell Generation would be appear later this year, but the premiere was postponed for the second half of 2015. These processors will also be manufactured in 14-nanometer lithography, but they are used in the most vulnerable and least expensive laptops.

As announced in the fair IDF14, in the second half of next year, Intel will debut a 6th generation Core chips, code-named Skylake. In this case we will have to deal with 14-nanometer process node, as well as an entirely new microarchitecture of the same name code.

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