The year 2017 is gonna be one hell of a year for PC gamers. Why in the first month, awesome hardware is going to be released and the year itself begins with the announcements of the best such as the GeForce GTX 1080 TiRadeon RX 490. However, GPU discussion is not going to be the purpose of this article this time we will be discussing about Intel‘s 7th Generation of CPUs KabyLake.

Kaby Lake Processors

What is KabyLake? What Is It Capable Of? When Is It Releasing

KabyLake as I mentioned above is Intel’s new line of CPUs. These are said to pack a huge punch in terms of performance. Their integrated GPU can run Overwatch @ 4K!!!! This just proves their  immense potential. Their marketing name will be iZ 7X00 (Z represents Processor typeX represents processor Family). Intel is finally increasing the base clock speeds of the CPUs. There has been a small report suggesting that the rumored i7 7600K touched a whopping 6.2 GHz!!!!!!!. Now that is something not every processor can not do.They are said to be released in sometime as soon as January 2017 ,but that is just a report it is not confirmed yet.

Motherboard Support

My fellows, you will be glad to know that they will support SkyLake motherboard chipsets to full extent. However, they are releasing eith a new line of motherboards called the 2xx series for example Z270 etc. This release is going to mark history now. Such powerful processors bundled with descent iGPUs is just what budget gamers are looking forward too.


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