News about Haswell refresh is running high this season, but Intel also released 15 new mobile CPUs this week ranging from Celeron to Core i7. Along with that, four replacements for embedded platforms arrived as well, namely i3-4110E, i3-4112E, i5-4410E and i5-4422E which would replace i3-4100E, i3-4102, i5-4400E and i5-4402E respectively.

Intel launched embedded Haswell Processors: Specifications and Price

Upgrades include 200 MHz higher operating frequencies and AES instruction set support.
To sum up the features of the new E suffix CPUs, all of them have a 3MB L3 cache and features 2 cores with Intel’s Hyper Threading technology which boosts up the performance by doubling the threads per core. Along with the HD 4600 integrated graphics which is clocked at 400 MHz, the chips feature SSE4, AES, AVX/AVX2 instruction sets and a dual channel memory controller that supports ultra low powered ddr3 dimms.
The Intel Core i3-4410E and i3-4412E don’t support turbo boost and their clocks are at 2.6 GHz and 1.8 GHz respectively.
Intel Core i5-4422E supports turbo boost 2.0 and reaches a max clock of 2.9 GHz while staying at 1.8 GHz idle. i5-4410E doesn’t support Turbo boost, but is clocked at higher 2.9 GHz.
Intel Core i3-4110E and i5-4410E have a max TDP of 37W while the i3-4112E and i5-4422E have a mere 25W.
Intel Embedded Haswell processors List
Intel Embedded Haswell processors List