Latest news from foreign media has confirmed that all Intel Kaby Lake-S chips from Core i5 to i7 in overclocked and non-overclocked versions will use a revamped integrated graphics. With Skylake Intel introduced its Gen9 LP graphics, which were compatible with the DirectX 11.3 and DirectX 12 API.

Intel Kaby Lake iGPU supports HDR and 5K resolution


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With Kaby Lake Intel try to do their best, that’s why this time in addition to providing increased performance they also introduce new features such as the High Dynamic Range (HDR) Wide Color Gamut (Rec.2020) and HDCP 2.2. So new chips have the ability to encode and decode VP8 hardware, HEVC 8b, VP9 and HEVC 10b.

While Intel Skylake can encode and decode HEVC VP9 and 10b, the Kaby Lake iGPU will do the same with the VPI HEVC and 8 – bit formats in both cases. These new codecs enable Ultra HD (4K) video playback in Netflix under. It should also enable 4K @ 60 Hz on YouTube while taking advantage of hardware acceleration VP9 from Google Chrome.

Finally, the of Kaby Lake iGPU will also support the use of up to three 4K @ 60 Hz screens or single to 5K @ 30 Hz. If we think about notebooks, obviously you still need a discrete graphics if you are willing to run games on it as Kaby Lake integrated graphics is only good for video playback. It is expected that Intel Kaby Lake chips will arrive at the end of current year.

Regarding information on the first Kaby Lake processor, Core i7-7700K will be the flagship processor of the company (for that platform) equipped with four cores with HyperThreading technology, it has a total of 8 logical cores at a base frequency of 3.60 GHz reaching the 4.20 GHz with TurboBoost frequency, far from the 4.00 GHz Base and 4.20 GHz Turbo-Boost of the current Core i7-6700K.

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