The Intel Kaby Lake-G processor family seems to confirm Intel’s rumored collaboration with AMD, a powerful Intel processor combined with dedicated AMD Radeon graphics.

Intel Kaby Lake-G processors with AMD Radeon Graphics would arrive in 2017

New processors would be manufactured on 14nm process node, the tagline ” -G ” indicates a PCI-Express x8 channel directly connected to the discrete AMD graphics supported by a high performance HBM2 memory and low power consumption.

For now Kaby Lake-G would only give life to two processors with sizes of 58.5 x 31 mm (Vs Kaby Lake-H 42 x 28mm), which means that they are likely to arrive in a BGA format intended to give life to high-end notebooks, Intel downplay AMD and NVIDIA in regards to gaming laptops and knowing the power of Intel’s persuasion over its partners, this could do a lot of damage to NVIDIA, because even though AMD is not very present in notebooks, it will be inside of Intel processors, where it will already take more money and presence in the market than alone.

These processors will include 4 cores and will have a TDP of 65 and 100W, away from the 45W that could present a Core i7-7920HQ @ 4.10 GHz. Obviously this increase in consumption is due to the inclusion of top-level graphics, while the increase of size allows to leave space for them next to integrate the memory HBM2 in the own die for a fast connection.

Thanks to this collaboration, Intel could also recycle the old manufacturing process while thinking of new 10nm modular CPUs that would leave more space available for even more powerful graphics, which translates into a new generation of more flexible CPUs in the market.

Via: Benchlife

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