It seems like Intel is selling the X86 License. This was created by Intel and has been licensed to AMD and VIA now it seems like a Chinese company will be next the company name is Speardtrum. Well, now China is a country with a good economy and also seems like a good place to invest it. Before we go any further, we shall know that the most important is the IA32 license, then the second is Intel X64 ,then that is the implementation of AMD64 then again AMD64 is the expansion of IA32.Since Intel is the inventor of IA 32 ISA. It also could have taken IA 64 then, but they can’t because IA 64 was never adapted to the mainstream and became Intel’s Itanium series.

Intel is selling the X86 License

Intel Processors

Intel Processors

Now with the X86 License in another company besides AMD and VIA is very huge.Spreadtrum gonna make some good cash, here’s how because the X86 products are gonna be developed in house but be utilized in Intel foundries in the manufacturing process, So yeah Intel is putting their money on the removal of the barrier to entry. Now, after that there’s no doubt Spreadtrum will become the advanced foundry and process technology on the planet.Then make Intel some Good Ol’ Cash and fill its production capacity.

AMD currently rules, the level segment of the market but this will all change soon.Spreadtrum will receive backing from the Chinese government and then it can outrun the TSMC by producing dies on a smaller node that that of TSMC, not to forget it is currently the largest contract foundry on planet (for god knows how long now).Well this can be a huge game changer but we will see more about this in the future.What do you think is this a good idea or a bad idea?

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