Intel Corp. is particularly tight when it comes to its roadmap on 10 nanometer process node. However, this weekend the company has publicly mentioned that the development of 10nm technology is progressing well and will share more information about the products they plan to manufacture later this year.

Intel will showcase schedule for 10nm chips later this year


“The 10nm development is progressing very well,” said Renee James, president of Intel, during a Q&A session with stockholders at the company’s annual meeting.

Till now Intel has revealed almost nothing about its 10nm manufacturing process. All that we known about 10nm manufacturing technology is Intel is the chip giant wants to further increase the density of transistors and reduce the cost per transistor.

In April, it was reported that Intel postponed the purchase of equipment needed to start mass production of chips in the factory in Kiryat Gat, Israel, from March to December. The purchase of equipment is part of an investment plan of 6,000,000,000 dollars (6,000 million) for upgrading the fab28, which is crucial for Intel. Obviously this delay will make the manufacturing process of 10nm further late in coming. Process technology development and finalization take a long time, just like the Copy Exactly process. If Intel moves in new equipment to fab 28 only in late 2015, it will not be able to mass produce 10nm chips in early Q2 2016.