Intel increases the production of its Coffee Lake processors, to solve stock problems of the Eighth-generation processors.

The recent launch of the Intel Coffee Lake has not been positive in all aspects because there is one aspect that does not stand out precisely. The bet of Intel on which the Coffee Lake is based to offer six core processors to compete with eight core processors from AMD Ryzen. But in this competition the main problem lies in the stock, which is very limited and the company has problems to supply processors the market, but they are working on improving the stock of these processors, with an increase in manufacturing.

Coffee Lake

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The sales of Coffee Lake are quite good, but due to stock limitation it is quite complicated to buy a Core i7-8700K, a Core i5-8600K or even the Core i5-8400, one of the best processors in terms of performance / price ratio.

The high demand along with a low stock always translates into the same, the price increase, and despite this, Coffee Lake CPUs are still selling quite well, but with the AMD Ryzen 2 already on the horizon. Intel has now decided to nourish the market with its 8th Generation CPUs by enabling production in China too.

While all processors are currently assembled at the Malaysian facility, the company has already certified the support of a second assembly facility in Chengdu, China. This certification certifies that both the test and assembly facilities of Malaysia and China are completely identical to each other, this means that both facilities offer the same methodologies and technologies in the production and quality processes.

It is expected that from December 15 the stock will improve, it is not known how many units will be produced, but it would help to improve the flow of stock and thereby reduce prices.

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