Some time ago the market debut of the first generation of Intel Broadwell processors – Core M series, which has been designed for tablets and laptops with Passive Cooling. Soon to witness there is a premiere of next line of a new generation of Broadwell processors, but this time it will be consuming much-low power. Broadwell-U series processors are for efficient laptops and Ultrabooks. What we can expect from it?

Intel Haswell vs Broadwell – Comparison of Core i7 mobile chips


Broadwell generation models are still based on Haswell microarchitecture, but used to manufacture them on 14-nanometer process technology (in the case of Haswell generation 22-nanometer were used). In addition to lower demand for electricity, the new models should also offer higher performance – especially when it comes to 3D environment.

Recently on the YouTube interesting material has been appeared, which compares the performance of two laptops – the first was equipped with a Core i7-4510U from generation Haswell, the other in the Core i7-5500U and its counterpart from the forthcoming generation of Broadwell. Of course, the information presented has not been officially confirmed by the manufacturer, however, can show the results of the first independent performance of new processors (if not falsified).

Although the performance of laptops compared in various tests, the author praised the performance of a benchmark 3DMark only Vantage (performance preset).

Model Cores / Threads Timing / Turbo iGPU iGPU frequncy TDP
Core i7-4510U 2/4 2.1 / 3.1 GHz HD 4400 200-1100 MHz 15
Core i7-5500U 2/4 2.4 / 3.0 GHz HD 5500 300-950 MHz 15

Model with Core i7-4510U CPU gained 8964 points and 3252 points score on Graphics, which resulted in an overall score of 3868 points.

 Core i7-4510U
Core i7-4510U


New Core i7-5500U in the same assay obtained CPU Score 10975 points and 4351 points Graphics Score. Therefore, around 22.4% lead on processing and about 33.8% lead on Graphics. The overall performance score was 5124 points, and therefore about 32.5% higher!!!.

Core i7-5500U
Core i7-5500U

Does the new generation of processors bring up such a large increase in performance? It is possible that the process node is also 14nm, as well as more elaborate design of the laptop, made it possible to maintain a higher clock speed of the Core i7-5500U model. In fact, both models can offer more similar performance.

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