Intel mainstream desktop CPUs are using LGA115x socket, server-class CPU has been upgraded from LGA1366 to LGA2011 socket, but if you think that Intel have only two sockets then you are wrong. By different slot, memory channel, PCI- E channel combinations, Intel is able to play a lot of tricks. Now in the server market they add the five Haswell-EN architecture processors, featuring the LGA1356 socket, support for triple-channel DDR3 memory.

Intel Haswell-EN: LGA1356 socket, support three-channel DDR3 memory

5 Haswell-EN processor, featuring the LGA 1356 Socket
5 Haswell-EN processor, featuring the LGA 1356 Socket

LGA1356 socket is actually not a new thing, year after being replaced by LGA1366 socket, Intel LGA2011 socket in addition to the introduction of outside server market is another socket LGA1356, also known as Socket B2, Intel mainly uses it in one-way or two-way (2P) server market.

Computerbase website reported that the launch of the Intel Haswell-EN based processor architecture with the current Haswell and Haswell-E there are lots of similarities in some places, but also a lot of castration. First, it supports 24 PCI-E 3.0 channel on the other side Haswell 16 and their numbers are 40 for Haswell-E.

Secondly, it supports DDR3 memory in a three-channel mode, the first two were to support dual-channel and four-channel memory, Haswell-E also supports DDR4 memory.

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