Mobile phones are now equipped with true eight-core processors, So Intel will not allow a desktop to make a huge leap? The answer is they are actually preparing for it. Intel’s First Eight-Core Desktop Processor of Haswell-E will meet us in the second half of this year.

Intel Haswell-E processors Lineup Specifications Exposed: First True Eight Core Processor

Accordance with the various previous statement Haswell-E will still use the 22nm manufacturing process, but all processors would be upto 8Core and sixteen threads. The processors will continue to support Turbo Boost Technology 2.0, PCI-E technology and the new memory DDR4 which are coming with the frequency of 2122Mhz. Will be accompanied by a new chipset X99, native support for USB 3.0, and support for up to ten SATA 6Gbps interface.

haswell-E processors Lineup Specifications
haswell-E processors Lineup Specifications

Intel Core i7-5960X Specifications

Today, Taiwan XtremeSystems users exposed some detailed specifications of Haswell-E processors. From the naming point of view, it is still a continuation of the existing methods, X and K into the top two series, top product is Core i7-5960X, native eight-core design, support Hyper-Threading technology, L3 cache is 20MB and the default frequency of 3GHz, support DDR4-2133MHz memory, TDP is 140W.

Intel Core i7-5930K Specifications

Times flagship model for the Core i7-5930K is equipped with six-core and twelve-thread design, L3 cache is 15MB, the default frequency 3.5GHz, support DDR4-2133MHz memory, TDP is 140W. From the TDP point of view of the eight-core processor should be shielded from, not native six-core design.

Intel Core  i7-5820K Specifications

Finally, the i7-5820K, is also with a six-core and twelve-thread design, cache 15MB, the default frequency 3.2GHz , support DDR4-2133MHz memory, TDP is 140W. But the PCI-E channel has shrunk to the x16 + x8 + x4 specifications, the remaining two are 2×16 + x8 configuration.

There is no doubt that this Intel’s Haswell-E really carries the banner to the flagship, not to mention the top of the i7-5960Xeven locating the lowest i7-6820K six-core twelve threads and general desktop design Grade Core i7 opened a gap over the previous i7-3820K quad-core eight thread designed to be kind lot.

Tickets now ready, high-end gamers.

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