Haswell has been already the fourth generation of Intel Core family, the next step is 14nm Broadwell, but unfortunately, mainly for notebook platforms will only have a few models on the desktop version of the K series, had to wait until early 2015.

So, when the mainstream and low-end desktop users usher in a new round of escalation?

Intel first public notice to the fifth generation of Core Processors: code Skylake “Braswell”

IDF 2014 Conference in Shenzhen on, Intel first talked about the second generation 14nm process “Braswell” (platform code Skylake), so naturally it is the sixth-generation, and said that in addition to the traditional desktop market, it will also kill the entry level system, the operating system fully supports Windows, Linux, Chrome OS, Android.

Intel Fifth generation of Core Processors "Braswell"
Intel Fifth generation of Core Processors “Braswell”

In other words, it will replace the existing Bay Trail position (or rather Bay Trail-D / M), to update technology, stronger structure, more technology to battle the market for entry-level desktops and notebooks.

Bay Trail itself is in fact not relying, with the new 22nm process, CPU out of order architecture, GPU core was based on a very powerful tablet, but forced them onto the desktop and notebook, also known as the Pentium, Celeron the name is a bit reluctant, market conditions have once again proved that the “no mud on the wall.”

Additionally, Judging from the official slides, Braswell at least initially will be limited to low-end market, high-end to Broadwell. Both are 14nm process.

According to previous news, Braswell will be the first mainstream processor support DDR4 memory.

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