At CES 2014 (Consumer Electronic Show), Intel has revealed Dual OS platform, yes! Totally new concept. This technology will help user to run Google Android and Microsoft Windows 8 System concurrently on his device the chip, would be Intel ARM.

In a demonstration, Intel shows technically working with “A key Switch” you just need to press a key to easily complete the task of switching between two Operation System, there is no doubt if this new innovation works, the new Era will begin in mobile computing. The Idea of two Operation System in a single mobile platform than it is in the favor of Intel already, because Intel has been in a position to manufacture the Intel-ARM chips. We know that already Intel Chips supported Google Android system, which is used in many Smartphones, but still the experience is not full filing the ARM chips. The reason is simple that many developers are not making their applications “FIRST” for Intel chips and also the different architecture of the Intel Mobiles chip and ARM chips.

At this stage Intel has now good point to change the whole circumstances, the Dual Operation System Platform is looking a great deal for Intel, developers and also for Users. The selling of Android devices is due to the huge stack of entertainment (gaming, applications) and the selling of Windows devices is due to the necessity of office and professional work, at this point if Intel pushes this concept, the Dual Operating System Platform is looking a great deal to capture both markets and these computing power of chips would have high demand in the market.

At this point on CES 2014 INTEL does not divulge stack of information about the platform, but now we know that if Intel is going to Fully implement this innovation, then there are huge chances to demonstrate others form mobile market.