When the new Intel Skylake CPUs were announced, the company announced with great fanfare that its new CPU would be compatible with both Memory “high performance” DDR4 and DDR3 for those who want to save some money to make the jump to the new platform. On its release, we have seen that very few motherboards were launched based on LGA1151 socket with support for DDR3 memory and some of them based on a low power variant DDR3L. The reason is quite simple, the use of DDR3 modules with standard voltage can seriously damage your Intel Skylake processors.

Intel: DDR3 RAM can damage your Intel Skylake CPUs


According to Intel, the memory controller integrated Skylake (IMC) officially supports the memory usage DDR3L to 1.35V and 1.2V DDR4. Any module DDR3 RAM operating at a voltage higher than 1.35V BMI could burn and cause the processor to stop working after prolonged exposure. With this information you can now understand the limited availability of LGA1151 motherboards compatible with the previous generation of memories, each limiting its use to DDR3L or DDR4 modules. If you omit the warning motherboard manufacturer can be sure that your CPU will become an expensive paperweight.

Now we know that the BMI of Skylake can support clock speeds up to 4,133 MHz. The new standard DDR4 RAM memory is currently running between 2.133MHz and 3,000 MHz, but some RAM kits are already pushing beyond these standards established reaching  4,233 MHz.

Via: Eteknix

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