Intel by mistake leaked Core i7-6950X Extreme Edition processor in the change-log of its latest Management Engine software, which is expected to be the first processor to consumers with 10 cores built under Broadwell-E architecture with a 14nm lithography. This processor will be compatible with all Intel X99 chipset LGA2011-3 socket motherboards with just with BIOS updates.

Intel Core i7-6950X Extreme Edition Leaked on the Official Site, 10 Core and 20 Threads for X99 Platform


The Intel Core i7-6950X  gets together in a single package with no less than 10 cores and 20 threads running at a base frequency 3.00 GHz  amounting up to 3.50 GHz in its Turbo boost mode with 25MB of Level 3 cache (L3) throwing a restrained TDP to be located between the 140-150W. Its price could be around 1,100 euros, while classic 999 euros would be reserved for the Core i7-6900K, consisting of 8 cores and 16 threads at a frequency of 3.20 / 3.70 GHz.

This family of new processors will be completed with the arrival of the Core i7-6850K and Core i7-6800K,  both processors will offer 6 cores with 12 threads to a base / turbo frequency 3.60 / 3.80 GHz and 3.40 / 3.60 GHz with 15 MB of L3 cache sharing a TDP of 140W. These models may have respective prices of 600 and 400 euros. The four processors mentioned above would be launched during the current quarter.

We remind you that, Intel hasn’t released any Extreme Edition chips following Haswell-E back in August 2014, while in the past they’ve turned up on a yearly timetable. The more extended than-common hold up could be because of Intel’s choice to put off Broadwell on traditional desktops—a move the organization later said it regretted. Broadwell-E is preferable late over never, however, in the event that Intel gets back on the schedule it may not be too much sooner than Skylake-E gets its own Extreme Edition.

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