We had already seen the Intel Core i7-6700K (Skylake to 14nm) reach 5.20 GHz using a simple air cooling system under a voltage of 1.35V, but now we have the exact opposite, an aggressive ground where the temperature is lower with liquid nitrogen and finally the new chip Intel Core i7-6700K has showcased its Overclocking potential by topping 6.50 GHz and for this it also need an aggressive voltage of 2.032v.

The full performance of this chip is starting to be unveiled after an Overclocking enthusiast, entitled, “PLG” achieved 6.5GHz with a voltage of 2.032v using liquid nitrogen. Additionally, PLG opted for the MSI Gaming Z170 motherboard and Overclocked a single DDR4 memory module to a staggering 4287MHz.

Intel Core i7-6700K Skylake Reaches 6.50 GHz With Liquid Nitrogen


The synthetic scores of Intel’s very expected 14nm Skylake microarchitecture have begun to develop and the outcomes are genuinely encouraging. All the more particularly, the i7-6700K is give or take 3% faster at stock in 3DMARK 11 with just a 200MHz clock shortage verses the i7-4970K. This means a 8% IPC change which is genuinely expected given Intel’s execution increments before, if we add the GPU to evidence that difference increases to 6 percent, so it’s not that much better as better CPU temperatures and overclock level make a difference, though perhaps not out profitable taking into account the additional costs that will use a LGA1151 motherboard with the DDR4 memory.

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