The Overclocker Toppc successfully achieved a great result on newly launched Intel’s Skylake Processor, thanks to liquid nitrogen to make the CPU Intel Core i7-6700K to whopping 6801.63 MHz, an improvement around 70 percent compared to the reference frequencies, not bad when you consider that the four cores and Hyperthreading were active. The 6.8 GHz is treated as often stored by a CPU Skylake-S to date.

For this, the Overclocker motherboard used high-end MSI Z170 chipset board, the MSI XPower Gaming Z170A Titanium (16-phase VRM) accompanied by a module DDR4 memory @ 4268 MHz while the CPU saw increased its nominal voltage from 1. 2v to 2.024v. The chip was cooled-down using liquid nitrogen (LN2). 2V is extremely high voltage for a processor made using 14nm process technology.


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