Intel has announced a new Haswell K series processor (code-named Devil’s Canyon) will improve the heat dissipation material, updated packaging material, giving the player a better temperature performance and Overclocking experience. Ivy Bridge has been heavily criticized since the era of cheap grease problem was expected to be resolved to some extent, but the habits of Intel tricks are still not easy to understand.

Intel Senior Vice President, Division Manager Ms. Lisa Graff in a meeting to come up with a new processor, with no specific explanation. Combined at the scene, if nothing else, then this should be the new Haswell refresh, may be called Core i7-4790K.

Intel Core i7-4790 Exposure
Intel Core i7-4790 Exposure

But compare the existing Haswell official photos. Note the back, is not found in the layout of the capacitor and exclusion is not the same?

This is enough to prove that the new Haswell K series is indeed doing a package upgrade, reportedly can lower the temperature 10-15 ℃, Overclocking will be easier.

But do not rush cheers. First, this change is limited to the K series unlocked version, the regular version is still the same. Second, you need 9 series motherboards can use this new processor!!

“The new Intel 9 series chipset motherboards support” slide on Intel before, but we thought it was just in the promotion of a new chipset. Regardless of whether or Haswell Haswell Refresh, package interfaces are identical LGA1150, many manufacturers now 8 series motherboards are ready to support Haswell Refresh preparation, K version with 8 series motherboards should not be a problem.

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