Debates on more cores means better gaming performance or which is the most budget friendly processor topic is in the air for a very long time, we can say for most of the time it is the mind’s perception which goes for the more apple sometimes and sometime with power consumption and other things. Also, no need to mention fan girls. Although the market is only based on Intel and AMD players, but the gap between the two sides of the product is really noticeable most of the consumers choose which products always have a tangled process. AMD processors are cost-effective with your pocket money you can buy a Dual-Core or Six-Core processor this is the product portfolio where most of the PC gamers give their heart. Both products have their pros and cons some are noticeable on a very first glimpse, but there are lots of other things need to consider that you are shaking hands with the right chip or not.

Intel Core i3-4330 Vs AMD FX-6300: Dual-core or Six Core for Entry-level Gaming platform?


Option AMD or Option Intel is not the issue when you move to the High-end processor scale for gaming, AMD FX-8350 is available at ‎US$169.99 and on the other side, Intel’s Core i7-4790K is available at US$299.99. Both are good enough to run anything you throw at them with justifiable other parts. The discussion area is for the budget party, as for entry-level gaming platform which to choose? Faced with AMD’s six-core FX-6300 “temptation” with Intel’s Core i3-4330 which one is worth? came with the death match of both bad boys who is beating at the center of many motherboards and many players are willing to buy it. This death match will clear your all queries related to the entry-level gaming platform. Again, we are targeting at the entry-level gaming platform.

At first look you can see the basic specification of  Intel Core i3-4330 and AMD FX-6300.

 Core i3-4330 Vs AMD FX-6300
Core i3-4330 and AMD FX-6300 Specifications

From the specification point of view, FX-6300 is powerful. Intel non-K series processors frequency is locked and at the other side of note FX-6300 can be Overclocked.

Intel Core i3-4330 Vs AMD FX-6300 Benchmarks

These tests appear to be the result of previously tested, bad place that some results are lacking.

Benchmarks and power consumption AMD FX-6300 (LEFT) and Intel Core i3-4330 (RIGHT)

In direct contrast to the results, FX-6300 is powerful in multi-threaded performance where you can entertain for stacks of applications simultaneously, after all, it is a 6 core processor. Intel Core i3 is featuring two-core and 4 threads.


From the above result if we see the power consumption, Cinbenchmark FX-6300 testing machine maximum power reached 194W, Core i3-4330 only 83.9W, although the performance of the former than the i3-4330 is much higher. (5.32 points vs3.82 points, lifting about 40%)

Intel Core i3-4330 Vs AMD FX-6300 Gaming Benchmarks

Now here is the core theme, in this area, we don’t care about the power consumption but focus is on the FPS. Gaming tests are divided into two portions. One is of medium settings of the selected game and other with the highest settings. Also Graphics cards has been chosen from AMD (AMD Radeon R9 270X and AMD Radeon R9 280X) and NVIDIA (Nvidia GeForce GTX 960 and Nvidia Geforce GTX 970) to minimize any conflict between product fan girls. The strongest (more FPS) highlighted in green color.



More Green up blocks are good enough to give an answer to anyone which is good or who’s performing badly, but specific to each project, the gap between number of frames is not too large between both. The difference in most of them is of 1-2 frames, which is not throwing big impact on gaming performance.

To sum up

Intel Core i3-4330 is taking about 1.8 percent lead, but the price is also higher $30 or so. However, we still consider the issue fully, because the front part of a calculation of both the motherboard choice, I stay until the last to speak.

FX-6300 is the AM3 + socket, you need to match AMD’s 9-series chipsets, including the 990FX, 970 and like that, taking into account the most appropriate is 970 chipset. The problem is that, the 970 chipset  is lacking of native PCI-E 3.0, SB950 Southbridge has no native USB 3.0. AMD 970 chipset motherboards will cost you around $79. AMD 970 chipset motherboard with USB 3.0, the cheapest MSI 970A-GD45 is priced at US$99.99.

From Intel side, Intel Core i3-4330 is featuring LGA1150 socket and you have a wide area to choose, to be honest H81 chipset is good enough to entertain this processor with native USB 3.0 and also has a native PCI-E 3.0. Most of the H81 chipset motherboard will cost you around $59. Asus Asus H81M-E will cost you US$55.


Now its all on you that which CPU you want to host. There is not a big difference in prices when you also count motherboard too. Although you have some advantages of lower power consumption when you choose Intel platform. But if you go with Fx 6300 it will take a lead in  multi-threaded performance and also you can overclock it to the limits when you have more bucks in your pocket after sometime.

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