Ivy Bridge, Haswell processors is used in the new 22nm process, but there is a High-temperature issue which is a difficulty in Overclocking embarrassment, this is because of the natural limitations of the new technology itself, the other is Intel lazy. Early in the processor High heat brazing material used inside ordinary grease replaced by cheap, natural effect different.

In fact, the vast majority of ordinary users, grease is also doing a job, but the key is K series unlocked even no exception. Coupled with continued year after year to limit Overclocking.

Fortunately, Intel finally heard the voice of the people, and now is about to change.

Haswell-E: Intel Confirms Devil’s Canyon 8-Cores Processor, Will be available in  Mid-Year 2014

Haswell processors will be launched in April to accelerate the upgrade version, but is limited to non-K series of the regular version. According to the latest official leaked slides, an upgraded version of Haswell K series has a special code “Devil’s Canyon” (Devil Canyon), scheduled for release in mid-year, and in addition to (possible) outside the frequency increase, it will improve the cooling interface material (TIM), updated packaging materials.

Intel Confirms Devil's Canyon 8-Cores Processor
Intel Devil’s Canyon 8-Cores Processor

While not say, but it would certainly be re-grease transfer brazing rhythm, however, does not recognize Intel Ivy Bridge, Haswell cooling the material is not good, but said they “want” to allow users to get better temperature performance and Overclocking experience, why they make such a “major” decision.

Intel also said that the new 9-series chipset will support the new processors, but the major manufacturers of 8 series motherboards are ready to support Haswell Refresh to prepare, and then support the Devil’s Canyon is certainly no technical problems, unless Intel will force the 9 series motherboards.

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